Song #3 / Photograph #1

On The Road – Y.V.E. 48

I had initially included the original music video to this great song, but soon realized how hard it was to focus on the sound and not the half-naked ladies. And though I have nothing against half-naked ladies, I felt that it deserved to be heard unencumbered by sexual tension.

The song is older than the previous two, but it could have just as easily been released yesterday. The original sound quality is amazing, the bass is exactly what it should be, the guitar is what I imagine electric silk feels like, and the vibe…well let’s just say it sounds like summer.

Y.V.E. 48, the artist, is not as well known as Kygo and Yall, but that might just be part of their strategy to rule the world (other than producing sweet tunes, of course). For example, I had to send a request on their Facebook page JUST to get the link to their website – had no idea that was a thing.

In any case, their Soundcloud page says they (he? her?) are Berlin-based. Which shouldn’t surprise anyone who has ever had the fortune of visiting Berlin, and knowing how inspiring it can be.

The song, unsurprisingly, makes me think of the great road trips that I’ve had ( bragging unintentional), and of the things that have made those trips so memorable:

  1. Good music
  2. Zero expectations
  3. Time
  4. A craving for the unknown

Below is a photograph of one of the said road trips. Not sure the kid had any music on the back of that truck, but his face says it all.

Oaxaca to Puerto Escondido Highway – Nastia Baila, 2014