Song #18 – feat. Sofi Tukker

Greed – Sofi Tukker

This jewel.


Playlist # 2 – The Night is a Shewolf

I lived in Bremen for 3 years, right after high school. You can imagine how crazy that was. Germany. Wildest country I’ve ever been to. Such diversity of personalities, and landscapes, and yeah, all those Germans. It’s funny how typically, stereotypes don’t make any sense. That’s not the case for lovely Deutschland. Germans are exactly their stereotype: efficient, honest and… they love their beer.

In Bremen it was Becks.

I had it once since I left Jacobs (University). About 2 years later, back in Mexico City. It’s funny how taste of beer can capture so many emotions.

The real change in my life was not tangible though, it came through the way of music. I heard sounds I hadn’t even heard in my dreams.

And a great friend of mine showed me the very best of them. 

I leave you here with a playlist that she made . Hope she doesn’t mind…