Song #18 – Marteria

El Presidente – Marteria

I wouldn’t say that the German language is the nicest one to the ears. Though it does have some beautifully specific words unlike any other language I know. Oh and it’s the perfect language for hip-hop, dancehall and rap. And among the best in the hip-hop side of things, stands the talented Marteria, an artist aus Rostock, Deutschland (eastern Germany). Since it’s so hard to choose one song among so many worth mentioning, I will highlight one of his most recent releases “El Presidente”.

And the chorus goes:

Just be president,

Govern the whole world already,

You have enough talent for it,

Push your face on our money.

I don’t know what political system he’s putting on the spotlight here, but it sure does sound a lot like he’s ad(dressing) one of the glorious leaders that promise the heavens and deliver nothing but corruption, lies and disdain for political opinions that contradict theirs.

I won’t get too political to avoid distracting you from what’s truly important: people, not politics. And good German hip-hop 🙂