Song #18 – Marteria

El Presidente – Marteria

I wouldn’t say that the German language is the nicest one to the ears. Though it does have some beautifully specific words unlike any other language I know. Oh and it’s the perfect language for hip-hop, dancehall and rap. And among the best in the hip-hop side of things, stands the talented Marteria, an artist aus Rostock, Deutschland (eastern Germany). Since it’s so hard to choose one song among so many worth mentioning, I will highlight one of his most recent releases “El Presidente”.

And the chorus goes:

Just be president,

Govern the whole world already,

You have enough talent for it,

Push your face on our money.

I don’t know what political system he’s putting on the spotlight here, but it sure does sound a lot like he’s ad(dressing) one of the glorious leaders that promise the heavens and deliver nothing but corruption, lies and disdain for political opinions that contradict theirs.

I won’t get too political to avoid distracting you from what’s truly important: people, not politics. And good German hip-hop 🙂


Song #17 – Jain

Makeba – Jain

Let’s start by watching this incredible work of art:

Pretty impressive work from this French-globe-trotting artist, Jeanne Galice (AKA Jain). Born in southern-France and raised in the Congo, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this third-culture kid brings on a new definition of French indie electronic. In this homage to African singer and civil rights activist Miriam Makeba, Jain not only makes our feet feel a little lighter but also brings us to an important point: civil rights.The very rights that are being threatened in some so-called first world nations.

It’s a curious concept, this division of worlds, where one is civilized and the other one tries. Yet, as of late, it seems like we are experiencing a sort of regression of our timeline as a species, in which we support individuals that want to rid us of everything that human and civil rights activists have fought for millennia to preserve.

It would be wrong to assume that only we face this threat of ignorance and authoritarianism. This is a fight that was waged by the first of our kind, the first that realized that he or she could lie to get what he or she wants and force others to deliver. It is a classic battle that we sometimes lose and sometimes win.

But for us to win in this one, we need to stick together, remove barriers, remove prejudices and align efforts to improve this world, for us and those around us. Stay sharp, stay critical and above all, stay informed.