Song #14 – Jake Isaac

Home – Jake Isaac

Home’s a funny word because it implies the absolute, it implies a place, perhaps cozy, perhaps not. For many of us, home is more of a feeling, or as the Magnetic Zeroes say, “Home is wherever I am with you”. London’s Jake Isaac takes a crack at it too: “Home’s where this heart belongs”, a statement that could not be any truer.

As we enter an age of true and complete globalization, despite what nationalist movements may try to achieve, we will need to again revisit this idea of “home”, and not just in a philosophical manner. Borders enacted do not reflect the human sense of the word “home”. Visas, permits, statuses all deny the basic human right of being “home”. If “home” existed before human settlements did, why do we continue to claim to have the right to either grant or deny access to someone wanting to get home? Welfare, infrastructure, culture…it’s all at stake, some say. And that rhetoric will persist for perhaps a century or more. But make no mistake, the ball is rolling, and archaic ideas will fall (perhaps to arise again in the eternal return). Those that fight this inevitable change towards the unhindered access to “home” will not persevere.