Song #13 – Clement Bazin

With you – Clement Bazin –

There are only a few songs that I can listen to repeatedly these days. I can’t help but get bored of the monotony of sounds floating around.

Monotony…the gateway to existentialism if you ask me.

Apart from the sweet vibes of the Steelpan, an instrument native to Trinidad and Tobago, I like this song because of its beautifully depressing undertone. “I wanted only you” implies love found and not attained, an intensely sad state of being that most people have felt at least once in their life.

I sincerely recommend Bazin’s Return to Forever, an album that both captivates the French mastery of electronic sounds while also bringing something new to the table.


Mixtape #1 – Absolute

Halloween Mix Tape – Absolute

These days, everybody calls themselves a DJ. But for those of us who have gone to see DJs perform their art (live), it is very easy to tell the difference between a DJ and a Mixer. DJs are the musicians of a new generation. They produce, they sing, they reinvent songs and give life to your feet, limbs and torso. Mixers mix.

This little piece is a Mixtape prepared by a young Mixer who finds pleasure in finding and playing songs to create experiences. The real credit of course goes to the artists of these songs, a mixture of new and old talent, familiar and extraordinary sounds, voices and beats. Hope you enjoy!