Playlist # 2 – The Night is a Shewolf

I lived in Bremen for 3 years, right after high school. You can imagine how crazy that was. Germany. Wildest country I’ve ever been to. Such diversity of personalities, and landscapes, and yeah, all those Germans. It’s funny how typically, stereotypes don’t make any sense. That’s not the case for lovely Deutschland. Germans are exactly their stereotype: efficient, honest and… they love their beer.

In Bremen it was Becks.

I had it once since I left Jacobs (University). About 2 years later, back in Mexico City. It’s funny how taste of beer can capture so many emotions.

The real change in my life was not tangible though, it came through the way of music. I heard sounds I hadn’t even heard in my dreams.

And a great friend of mine showed me the very best of them. 

I leave you here with a playlist that she made . Hope she doesn’t mind…


Photograph #8 – Richmond Night Market

The city claimed it was the biggest night market in North America. OK, that’s a bold statement. Instantly imagined an adventure, a market filled with raw delicacies, strange odors and colors all around, similar to those you see on the best of cooking shows (so, Chef’s Table basically).

I shouldn’t have had such high expectations.

What we got was an hour of traffic for the 500 meters before the parking lot entrance. Followed by a bunch of people waving their arms around to divert cars away from the parking lot (just as we had finally arrived there), forcing us to smuggle our car into the casino next door. Never mind having to pretend like I was going to the casino with my 8-month pregnant wife. But we were already there, we weren’t going to let something as trivial as parking-in-the-right-place (#parkingintherightplace) get in our way.

Once we go to the actual market grounds, basically a giant dusty parking lot, we were received by enormous plastic statues of dinosaurs and hordes of people pouring in. Apparently this year’s theme was…dinosaurs.

The only interesting thing about all of this was the diversity in people. Vancouver’s amazing because of that, and the beautiful urban and natural landscapes of course. Living in a basically white-dominated neighborhood like Kitsilano, I am often deprived of Vancouver’s cultural and racial richness. There were people of all sizes and colors and socio-economic statuses.

Some more waiting preceded our entrance to the actual market and when we were finally there, probably close to two and half hours after leaving our home (which is 20 minutes away from the market grounds) we came to realize that perhaps we should have arrived earlier and had dinner there (by that time it was about 9 pm). Apart from merchandise you would often see in a Mexico City market (clothes, accessories, etc.) and games typical in fairs and carnivals, there were (mostly Asian) food stands with dozens of customers lined up to both order and receive their food.

All in all, a mostly disappointing experience. But at least my wife took some nice photographs 🙂 Oh and I bought a grinder.

Richmond Night Market – Nastia Baila, 2016