Song #10 – Kai Straw

Don’t Tread on Me – Kai Straw

I don’t even care that the sound quality is terribly distorted at times. The energy, the rage, the passion, it all comes together to bring us a fresh breeze of originality in these days of monotonous sampling and oversimplified melodies.

Nah, don’t tread on me. An alternative English translation to the Latin phrase, noli me tangere, or “stop clinging to me” (gratitude to Wikipedia).


Playlist #1 – Summer House

Some may call it Tropical House, because of the marimba-type sounds that come out the other end of the keyboard, but coming from a country with tropical music, it’s hard to call European electronic music, tropical. Hence, Summer House.

If you are enjoying the summer with a few beers and other goodies, this music is likely what you need. The playlist includes 2014 deep house, 2015 classics and recent songs that I think show a higher level of musical maturity in the genre. Enjoy!


Song #9

Bring Me Down (ft. Bright Sparks) – TV Noise

You’re traveling, wandering a foreign country, surrounded by curious strangers, escaping a bad relationship. Too long has your partner weighed you down, too long has your self confidence been battered. You use to smile, you use to laugh for no particular reason. That “you” seems as strange as the food being served on the streets and the smells and colors that overwhelm your senses. And in the corner of your eye, you catch your reflection in someone else’s gaze. They too seem like a drifting soul, a floating body in need of unharnessed love.

You flirt, but you don’t dare exchange another look. What if? You ask yourself. And if not? You start to doubt.

You haven’t been there before, and yet it feels all too familiar. Your heart pounds and the blood in your vessels rushes through your body, awakening in you a sense of being alive. What if? You ask again. And if not?

Leap forward. Live.