Song #8

Dove – Pillar Point

Without love, you’re just a stupified dove…

I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to write a post about this song, but the lyrics and the video (!) are too amazing not to. Let’s start with the video…

Kia Labeija. Bogotá. Brilliant!

In one of my previous posts, I talked about an outer-space dancer. Well, it seems like her cousin joined us here on Earth too. Directed by Jacob Krupnick, this video displays a Venusian dancer floating through bright-colored streets and shocked (fearful?) faces, as Kia’s space-travelling-moves catch them by surprise in one of Latin America’s largest megacities.

And the lyrics. How much truer can they get? What are we, without love? Is there anything else that is worth our time? Is that not what we all seek?



Song #7 / Photos #2 and #3

Sunset Lover- Petit Biscuit

Here’s another artist that you’ll be glad you know. This 16-year old kid, if I may call him that, comes to us from the rain-ridden, magical land of northern France. Mehdi Benjelloun, AKA Petit Biscuit, has been blessing us with singles since 2014, and this one here is part of his latest collection of creations, also called Petit Biscuit.

No doubt the title and the sound will remind many of their own summer nights, staring out at the horizon, as our unquenchable sun leaves us in a moment of wonder and awe. It reminds me of the powerful forces lurking all around us, both above and beneath our feet; forces that neither sleep nor stay awake, but are more alive than any of us will ever be.

A perfect prelude for the following two photographs.

Tochimilco, Mexico – Nastia Baila, 2014

TochimilcoTaken at the foot of the Popocatéptl volcano, on a three-day trip, visiting rural communities during their Day of the Dead celebrations.

Sunwapta Lake, Canada – Nastia Baila, 2016

AthabascaTaken at the foot of the Athabasca Glacier, on a five-day road trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The geologists in the crowd will notice that these photographs are instant captures of processes that given enough time (be it millions of years or a few decades) can alter the world as we know it. Can you spot these traces of history, these authors of our destiny?

Song #6

Takes My Body Higher – Shoffy feat. Lincoln Jesser

Anything featuring Lincoln Jesser is bound to be good. Hailing from La Quinta, California (AKA that place close to where Coachella takes place), Jesser grew up influenced by artists that too, in way or another, shaped my life: Daft Punk, The Strokes, The Killers. Last FM has a brief (auto)biography; here summed up in one quote:

Lincoln claims that his artist project sounds “like if Daft Punk and The Strokes had a baby, and Drake adopted and raised him…which would be weird but whatever.”

Teamed up with one of his comrades from Indie Pop (a New York-based record label), this song becomes part of the perfect soundtrack for 2016 summertime memories 🙂