Song #18 – Marteria

El Presidente – Marteria

I wouldn’t say that the German language is the nicest one to the ears. Though it does have some beautifully specific words unlike any other language I know. Oh and it’s the perfect language for hip-hop, dancehall and rap. And among the best in the hip-hop side of things, stands the talented Marteria, an artist aus Rostock, Deutschland (eastern Germany). Since it’s so hard to choose one song among so many worth mentioning, I will highlight one of his most recent releases “El Presidente”.

And the chorus goes:

Just be president,

Govern the whole world already,

You have enough talent for it,

Push your face on our money.

I don’t know what political system he’s putting on the spotlight here, but it sure does sound a lot like he’s ad(dressing) one of the glorious leaders that promise the heavens and deliver nothing but corruption, lies and disdain for political opinions that contradict theirs.

I won’t get too political to avoid distracting you from what’s truly important: people, not politics. And good German hip-hop 🙂


Playlist #3 – Chocolate tripping (through the mountains of Oaxaca)

Growing up in Mexico, weed was a general overarching topic of discussion. Some hated it, others feared it, I just simply did not understand it. Honestly, at the young age of 15 I was simply curious. So, I did what I do best, I convinced my parents that it was a good idea and, together with three friends from school, went to explore the misty mountains of Oaxaca. 

Some days later, in the late summer of 2005, we reached Oaxaca city at the base of the Sierra Madre mountain range. In that moment, the city was undergoing an aggressive overtake by the state’s teacher union, which meant our stay would be brief and interesting. We bought mezcal and left the tent-covered city on a van speeding through the windy and guard-rail-free road to the Pacific. And through a benevolent act of God, we arrived safely in San Jose del Pacifico.

We checked into some wooden cabins, up the hill from where the van left us. The owner was very friendly and offered us grass and some food. “Just 50 dollars worth of mota,” we naively said. He came back with more pot than I had ever seen in my life (and likely ever will see again). It grew naturally in his lands and he had simply cultivated a few branches for us. It wasn’t very strong, but we must have smoked quite bit as we ended up looking for traces of Maria Sabina.

We were told to go further up the hill to meet a local healer, Doña Cata, a 70-something year old woman living in a hippie mountain community. Upon arriving we were greeted with joints and some home cooked mushrooms – which we initially did not want, thinking that they could be magical. Her French helper told us of Doña Cata and how she had left her native Spain to travel through Mexico. Upon reaching Oaxaca, she realized there was nowhere else for her and never went back. She told us our fortunes and in her presence, we sang to the tunes of a guitar and some bongos and listened to stories from the mouths of seasoned travellers. 

After a few hours, we decided to get back to the cabin and spend the night admiring the stars and our strange existential thoughts. The next day we left to the beach…towards beautiful Mazunte. 

And the rest is history.

Now, I dedicate this playlist to those moments of confused bliss 🙂 and welcome recommendations